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In a recent survey conducted at Caulfield Grammar School by the Australian Council for Educational Research, nearly 97 per cent of secondary girls and boys ‘strongly agreed’ or ‘agreed’ with the statement: “I like having both boys and girls in my class”.

At Caulfield Grammar School we are committed to the value and importance of girls and boys learning together and working together as they will in their adult lives. We seek to develop the talents of every individual to the highest level, enabling each student to make a full contribution to their community and know that they are a valued member of society.

Another of the desired aims is that girls and boys completing their schooling at Caulfield Grammar School are free of sexist attitudes, and in their lives as adults will therefore be free of a perception of gender as a determinant of abilities, interests, attitudes or importance and, with a well established respect for others and for themselves.

Rb3570 Rb3570 Brown Ray Brown Ray ban Sunglasses Sunglasses ban Within the academic learning program we do not believe that there is any difference between the academic potential or interests of girls and boys. Where there appear to be differences, they are imposed by the societal environment, and it is the school’s role to resist and counteract these artificial distinctions. None of this is to deny that girls and boys bring different perspectives to the classroom, with the result that a coeducational classroom will be more complete than a single sex classroom.

However, we recognise and cater for occasions where it may be appropriate for activities to be separate – for example, briefings for girls and boys prior to travelling to Nanjing, issues of personal development and behaviour management.

Caulfield seeks to provide each girl and boy with a rich range of stimulating and challenging learning programs across all learning areas. Effective coeducation involves a vibrant student life enriched by both mixed and single-sex experiences within and beyond the classroom. It requires teachers who are alert to gender issues in their teaching styles and their subject matter. It involves school organisation which models women and men in leadership positions and it centrally commends learning as a multi-faceted endeavour in which female and male students and teachers are mutually engaged.

Caulfield is strongly positioned to deliver this model of coeducational learning.

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